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Globally, trends in higher education have witnessed immense growth and significant changes in approach. Technological integration along with a more inclusive inter-disciplinary framework, research based methodologies and interactive learning have created multiple avenues, bringing along with them certain challenges as well. A strong believer and practitioner of responsible education, Sun Rise University, Alwar has been established with a vision to become a Liberal Arts university. It has been established to aim at excellence in its teaching, its research, and its service to local, national and international communities. The University aims to emerge as a leading centre for integrated learning at the international level. In this rapidly changing environment and to cater to the needs of the society and industry, it is essential to create a vibrant and enriching teaching and learning culture that will inspire innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset. The traditional pedagogies need to be reassessed to facilitate a more interactive and multidisciplinary learning experience. At Sun Rise University, liberal education which is our strength provides the flexibility and space to explore and pursue a wide range of courses instead of focusing solely on one field of study. Our students have the option of a flexible degree that opens up multifarious career avenues cutting across disciplines. The learning and living experience at SRU through hands – on exposure ensures a holistic influence on the students.


Member of Supreme Court Bar Association

Our belief is that, above all, it is the advanced, global education and research that nurtures the innovative personnel and enables them to contribute to the international community. We welcome students with diverse interests and backgrounds and offer undergraduate/postgraduate education in over 42 subjects and a portfolio of professional postgraduate degrees.

The learning culture at SRU aims to support the holistic development of the student, and are committed to providing a platform that is Global, Inclusive and Responsible to augment the student learning and experience with liberal education. Our aim is to promote the kind of education that offers a global perspective through academic partnerships with over forty international collaborations. We seek talented students irrespective of their social or economic circumstances for promoting diversity and inclusion and aim to give students knowledge and skills to become responsible and responsive leaders with the best of moral and ethical values. Every possible effort is made from our side to ensure that the students are cognizant of the impact of their individual and corporate actions on society, recognize the responsible and inclusive business practices and are sensitive to the social, economic and environmental responsibilities of the business. Wishing you the very best in for your career endeavors.